A Child's Hideaway requires all prospective parents to have a teacher guided tour of the center. Any questions you might have can be answered at time of tour. Due to COVID we are only allowing 2 visitors per family and not allowing children to tour. Please wear a mask and be ready to answer health questions and tempreture taken. 

  1. Call our center to set an appointment for a tour. We ask that parents have an appointment so we can provide you with our full attention to show you the center and answer all your questions.


A Child's Hideaway

45150 S. Grimmer Blvd.

Fremont, California 94539

(510) 656-3218

 2. Download and complete the tour form and bring it with you when you           come for your tour.

 3. If after your tour you would like to enroll your child in one of our

     programs, you will make a registration appointment to fill out the 

     required paperwork. We will find a date and time that is the most

     convenient for you.

 4. Your registration appointment will take about 20-40 minutes depending       on how many questions you may have.

 5. For your registration appointment you will need to have a date in mind

     that you would like to start your child, registration fee and program

     advance fee. Please note that we only hold start dates 2 weeks from

     time of registration, unless you are registering for Fall programs.