During COVID, we have made some temporary changes to our registration procedure.  All tours MUST have an advance appointment.


  • Call the center and set up an appointment for your visit.  Masks are required along with basic health questions and temperature checks.  


  • Only two (2) masked adults from the touring family can attend scheduled appointments.  Currently, we are not inviting children to tours at this time.


  • Download and complete the Tour Form from our website.  Please bring this form with you when you attend your scheduled tour.


  • After your visit, you can schedule a registration appointment with the director to fill out the needed paperwork.  You will be given a tour bag before you leave which contains a Doctors' Report, which MUST be filled out and turned in before your child can attend our center.


  • Your registration appointment will take approximately 20-40 minutes depending on how many questions you may have.


  • For your registration appointment, you will need to have a date that you are wanting your child to start, along with registration and advance fee for the program that your child will be attending.


  • When your registration appointment is completed, you will be given a packet of papers that will be yours to keep for your records.  You will also be given a packet of papers that will be completed at home and MUST be returned by appointment before your child's first day.  Parents who do not have all their child's paperwork turned in before the start date will cause a delay in your child starting at our center.